House Raising

House Raising

Houston, Texas has seen more and more rainfall each year, more than rivers, canals, and storm drains can handle; Even with a solid drainage system in place, flooding poses a threat to homes and businesses in the Houston, Texas area; If your house is  in one of the flood zone areas, we can help protect it through our home elevation service. House raising your property above the recommended flood plain provided by FEMA will help protect your house from big storms. For the most part performing home elevation will reduce flood insurance premiums drastically.

Protecting Your Property from Flood Damagehouse raising

Whether you need home elevation to be 8 inches or more than 12 feet; House Raising can handle the project with ease through many years of house lifting experience. Our ability to use the latest in house lifting and structural lifting technology, allows us to loft an entire building evenly and steadily. This house lifting process keeps drywall or plaster cracks to a bare minimum.

Perform House Lifting to Build a Story

Through House Raising, you can add a story under your home.

If you are looking into adding extra space to your home, House Raising can help with your extra spacing needs. We will lift your existing structure to just above the new desired height (typically between 9 to 12 feet). Once lifted, we will add a new wood floor system on the existing foundation walls and exterior frame walls. We will then construct the new first floor, once all the bearing points are in place.

Commercial House Lifting

If you see that your business is in need of some extra space, we can show you  several solutions that we can help with. We can perform home elevation on your commercial structure to give you added height. Whether it is a residential-type building or a large warehouse, we have the expertise and the equipment to perform house raising on your commercial property. Through our many year of house raising experience, we can custom lift your commercial property to suit your company’s needs.

What Is the Next Step?

The next step is to schedule your FREE House Lifting Inspection, so you are aware of the process for you own property. You might have a lot of questions and probably some concerns about the process. Contact us now to talk about your project »

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