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House Lifting Process

House Lifting Process

House Lifting Process

The Role of Piering in House Lifting Process

House Lifting ProcessHouse raising project for the sake of repairing the foundation of a property is actually accomplished through the process of piering. It is a kind of technique which make use of the vertical type of piers placed well in depth into the soil; which is just beneath the house foundation. The house lifting process also involves the use of hydraulic jacks which lifts the piers. Then level all the affected sunken foundation. Further on in the house lifting process, the hydraulic jacks used are then replaced with the shims and the concrete blocks. Any cracks that are found in the foundation of the property often gets rectified with the end-result of this activity.

There is absolutely no known risk involved for the piers to sink. It is because of the reason that the piers are placed either over the stable soil or over the bedrock. This kind of structure and the placement of the piers is totally capable of sustaining the load of the house with little to no risk of collapsing at all. As the foundation of the property is laid over the piers. So this also means that there would be absolutely no additional shrinkage. That would possibly affect the foundation of the house or causing any movement in the piers that are installed.

Different types of piering used for house lifting process projects:

For house lifting process, a variety of piering can be used based upon their quality. Relevance over the nature of the house raising project. He following are some of the different types of piering that you may consider for such a project initiated for your home:

Steel Piers –Such type of the steel piers are made from a collection of different sections of the interlocking pipe types. Each of the interlocking pipe section is made to push its way into the ground; which is over the other level. This pushing continues until the desirable layer of the soil is reached; which has got the capability of supporting all the load of the house at the foundation. On top of that, the house lifting process of cabling is also done here for the sake of completely protecting the different sections together.

Concrete Piers –Such type of piers has got multiple sections of concrete; which are pushed into the ground on top of the other level until the desirable depth is reached; which is good enough to provide the required support to the foundation of the house. Such concrete sections are further strengthened using the process of cabling.

Drilled Piers – Last but not the least is the drilled piers used in house lifting process projects. This technique of piering is different from the above two techniques; as this one make use of holes being drilled in the ground that is beneath the foundation of the house. The holes dug are then filled up with rebar concrete, rather than pushing any kind of pier sections into any ground level existing below the foundation of the property.facebook


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