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Home Elevation Houstonians

Home Elevation Houstonians

Home Elevation Houstonians

Home Elevation Houstonians. Houston City Officials estimate that about 80% of Houston was built before the development of any flood plain maps. For those homes that are in the flood plains, they are prone to about flooding. Therefore many are looking into Home Elevation Houstonians to ensure their home is safe from flooding.  Some homeowners have had flooding for the past 12 years, since 2005. Even though home elevation Houstonians is the best option for all, they seem to be having to do a lot of paperwork, and have a lot of patience waiting for FEMA to get back to them with funds to begin on their home elevation Houstonians project. Home Elevation Houstonians

FEMA Home Elevation Grant Application

The City of Houston, along with the Texas Water Development Board, have applied for the FEMA Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) Grant Program. City of Houston and the Texas Water Development Board are pushing the grant, so Houston homeowners get assistance with the cost of Home Elevation Houstonians on their flood prone homes. It is good for homeowners with home in the highest priority to Severe Repetitive Loss properties. The first item to have, so you can be eligible, is a current National Flood Insurance Program policy. Keep in mind that you must maintain this policy active in order to have a chance of the FEMA Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) award.

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